The only thing I can say right now is wow.
— Matt
I’ve never been so relaxed in my life. It was unbelievable and I’m looking forward to putting the techniques into my every day life.
— Jonty
Everything about Lauren and her expertise in hypnotherapy and meditation is exactly as stated- a wonder. Lauren’s “Visualise” Lucid Dreaming Classes have already put me on the road to wonderful changes I never thought possible. Highly recommend. A++++++
— Lorryn
I cannot begin to thank Lauren enough. It has now been 2 weeks since my session to quit smoking and not only am I smoke free, but also totally craving free. I have been battling with cigarettes for around 20 years now and had all but given up hope of stopping. The process of our hypnotherapy session itself was really enjoyable and relaxing and once we were finished I was simply able to throw away my cigarettes and move on.

Thank you Lauren!
— Brendon
Lauren’s guided meditation class is phenomenal. Her voice is extremely soothing. It brings me to a state of relaxation I didn’t think was possible. I look forward to the Wednesday night session all week. Thanks Lauren!
— Brooklyn
I’ve been taking Lauren’s meditation class for a few weeks now and each week I am incredibly excited to go. She is able to guide me into a great depth of relaxation. I leave floating on air and feeling my stresses have just melted away!
— Samantha R
Today I visited Lauren Stanley at Wonder Clinical Hypnotherapy to help me with a problem I’ve had for over a decade. Suffering from fructose malabsorption I cannot tolerate certain foods. If I eat these foods I become physically ill and uncomfortable and suffer the consequences for days to follow. For many reasons, I have continued to eat these foods and therefore sabotage my wellbeing.

After my session with Lauren I not only feel calm and confident, I feel energised and powerful. Lauren has armed me with an inner resilience and motivation to push through and make the choices that are best for me and my body. Her language and visualisation techniques were incredibly effective and personal and resonated with me and my specific issues.

I can’t recommend her highly enough. Thank you Lauren!
— Miranda
I have been going to Lauren’s meditation class on a regular weekly basis and find them to be so relaxing. I have a sense that I am going home to a place of peace and utter tranquility. I look forward to hearing Lauren’s calming tones in a safe and comfortable environment.
— Claire
I was very lucky enough to go to Lauren’s Visualization group at Ananda yoga this Wednesday. All I can say is WOW amazing stuff. I couldn’t recommend it more. It had a remarkable effect on me that night and I still feel the benefits now. I will be taking my partner with me next time because he deserves this beautiful gift! Thank you Lauren 🙏
— Jo-Anne
Lauren was instrumental in assisting me to reach my goals in the World Masters Athletics in Lyon, France 2015.

Not only did I attain higher percentages than I dreamed of achieving in my age grade in each event, Lauren’s visualizations helped me in running a 1500 metres race of a lifetime! Resulting in a smashing PB. Thank you, Lauren.
— Helen (Marathon Runner)
I had the pleasure of seeing Lauren Stanley for 3 sessions of hypnotherapy. I found the consultations were able to put me into a relaxed state where Lauren was able to help me achieve success with some of the difficulties I had approached her for help with.

While initially I had been sceptical as to what the effects of hypnotherapy can achieve, I am now a converted believer. I can highly recommend Lauren’s services.
— Matt (Osteopath)
Lauren’s lucid dreaming classes have enabled me to get to a deeper state of relaxation than ever before.

My first experience involved me reaching a state of total trance which absolutely bewildered me. I have continued to come to her sessions week after week to be involved in this otherworldly practice which truly connects you to the source and to self.

Visualise is a journey that is just too impressive for words, I really recommend checking it out!
— Kelly
Lovely! I arrived for my first session with an open mind & open heart...took on board what was needed at the time....loved every bit sorry it went so quick. I am sure I will benefit in ways that I will not even be fully aware of, which in essence is the desired outcome..... Take what is needed without judgment and see what unveils. I will be looking forward to Lauren’s guidance again I feel safe in her space.... Thank you so much Lauren I appreciate your gift. Blessings
— Gayle
After a recommendation from a friend I attended a visualise class, and have been back weekly since. I’ve found that since these classes my personal meditation practice has improved greatly. I leave the classes feeling fresh and positve. Thanks Lauren!
— Ben
I have been attending the visual meditation class each week. The first session surprised me as I was able to go into an extremely relaxed state. It was as though I had been lifted up and I was then able to let go of my worries, fears and attachment to negative thoughts. I then felt like I was re-filled with positive energy and light, leaving me feeling totally refreshed. This continued into my normal everyday life, with feelings of inner-peace, clarity and feeling calm now being feelings that have consistently improved. Each session brings me peace, coming out feeling healed, centred and grounded. After the sessions I have noticed my sleep has improved, including getting to sleep at night and having positive dreams in the mornings. I would highly recommend this meditation as it has improved my well-being, and been an experience I have grown from!
— Chloe
Loved the meditation session, felt so relaxed when leaving and will definitely be back!
— Tom
I have just been to my second class with Lauren and again enjoyed every minute of it, feeling very relaxed...

Would recommend anybody who hasn’t tried meditation but is keen to give it a go to look no further than this great Visualise class.
— Cris
After being to three sessions of Visualise. I began to further understand some of the states and realities I can visit during a meditation. I go to yoga weekly and ALWAYS have an experience which makes me question our existence and have a greater understanding of my energy and my spirit. However, I had never tried hypnotherapy or hypnotherapy meditation.

This class is magical and allows you to lose your perception of time and space. I’ve learnt so much through the teachings hypnotherapy meditation has offered and I would highly recommend this experience to anyone who is looking for relaxation or some self-truth.

During the class you can almost feel other peoples energies and connect with them on a deeper, more intimate level than you would in this reality, you can make Visualise whatever you want it to be and that’s what is so amazing about it.

Love and Sparkles,

— Meg
Even after one class, I can wholeheartedly recommend Lauren as a wonderful antidote to an overactive mind. Her guided meditation was 60 minutes of utter peace - with her help I was able to reach a complete meditative state.

I left Lauren’s class with a weight off my shoulders and a smile on my face!
— Rene
Lauren’s meditation class was great, she really helped everyone to relax with her calming words and visual imagery. I would highly recommend Lauren’s services to anyone who is seeking meditation and hypnotherapy.
— Nicole (Melbourne Osteopathy Centre)
The space was held so beautifully by Lauren and I felt comfortable to let go as she guided the meditation so gently, I entered a deep state of relaxation and my mind, body and soul was in peace and harmony, I look forward to next week!
— Kaity
Thanks Lauren :) Your Visualise Lucid Dreaming Class was a beautiful experience that completely relaxed my mind and calmed my body. Highly recommended!!
— Vinnie
I attended my first guided meditation session last night, hosted by Lauren. I felt at ease as soon as I entered the space. Lauren’s calming words and tone created the perfect environment for people to reach a deep level of relaxation. For someone who is a chronic over-thinker, it was so refreshing to be able to shut off the barrage of thoughts that consume me during the day. Will definitely be back.
— Dave

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