Our moods are dependent on environment and the way in which we interpret our environment. A walk in The Botanical Gardens could be for one person a relaxing break from city life while another might feel a real need to get back to work! 

Sometimes our environment will appear more hospitable than others. Understanding under what circumstances and environment our mood changes allows us to better understand which circumstances to pursue more regularly.

An app I have found useful in tracking mood is the iMoodJournal. Many of my clients experience fluctuations in mood and find that tracking assists them in better understanding what times, and under what circumstances, their mood changes. 

iMoodJournal keeps an overall record of the users well-being through regular check-ins and note taking. Keeping a record of triggers, feelings, and environments in which mood changes allows greater insight into the cause of emotional ups and downs.

iMoodJournal hypnotherapy

iMoodJournal allows tracking of emotions with hashtags like #anxious, #hopeful or #surprised. Sleep and medication can be organised through tags like #asprin and #sleep8hr. Time-based patterns in mood are summarised through charts, and selfies enabled should the user wish to observe changes in appearance with their moods. One can even share their moods with friends on Facebook. 

iMoodJournal is $1.99 in the iTunes store.