Hi, thanks you for stopping by to read about me!

My name's Lauren, I'm a Writer and Counsellor who has been practicing Hypnotherapy with great success for the last few years. I have always been fascinated by the mysteries of the creative unconscious mind, and its natural healing potential. Using storytelling and trancework within my practice, I help people analyse and transform limiting beliefs, feelings, and physical alignments that no longer serve them. 

For centuries humanity has engaged in altered states of consciousness during spiritual practice, in medicine, and for entertainment. It is my passion to teach this ancient, life-changing practice of guided meditation and visualisation while helping my clients make changes that are right for them.

The creative unconscious, or dreaming mind, is the spring from which our imagination manifests. During times of struggle, our imagination can be dispossessed or expressionless. The way out of painful states, like anxiety and depression, is not through headstrong, positive effort but a gentle opening of the imagination.

I invite you to explore the wonder of Hypnotherapy with me and I look forward to meeting you soon.

Yours in health,


Qualifications & Education


Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy

The Phoenix Institute of Australia


LoveWorks Tantra Teacher Training

The Australian School of Tantra


Bachelor of Arts, Professional and Creative Writing

Deakin University, Melbourne, VIC